Baby funeral services in Singapore: The last goodbye

In earlier days of Singapore, a baby’s funeral was considered a taboo or an unpleasant ritual. Child death was often handled swiftly and silently, and family members were not given a chance to grieve properly. However, in today’s society, where people are more educated and open-minded, they understand the importance of having a proper farewell ceremony for little ones who were not supposed to leave so early. baby funeral service singapore seemed to have packed a fixed ritual.

How are baby and children’s Funeral services carried out in Singapore?

baby funeral service singapore

A baby and child funeral service is tailored to fit the needs and wishes of the deceased’s family and friends. Some parents may wish to hold the ceremony according to their religion, such as organizing a Buddhist, Taoist, Soka, Christian, or Catholic Funeral service. The tiny one’s personal belongings, flowers, and handwritten notes may also be placed inside the coffin and be cremated together with the body. If the birth certificate for the baby has not been obtained, in such cases, the baby’s cremation can only be done after a doctor signs a memo.

A baby’s funeral service is usually held between one to 2 days, depending on the wishes of the dearly departed’s family. They need to contact the funeral directors who will offer compassionate advice and guidance on how to carry out a baby and children’s funeral service in the country.

Angel star service

Angel star works closely with hospitals and clinics in Singapore, giving bereaved parents a chance to send the child a dignified farewell ceremony in unique caskets and themes catered to them.

The company provides infant caskets specially designed to hold a child’s body. An infant casket can be used for miscarriages, stillborn or young children. The industry standard for an infant casket is 43cm long, and standard caskets are 25cm, 35cm, and 38cm long. The cost may vary on the size.

The company also works closely with Angel Hearts. This non-profit organization makes funeral gowns from donated wedding dresses for a baby or child to wear on their final journey. The aim is to commemorate the milestones in the baby or child’s life, however short it might have been. This would hopefully help the family in their tough times as the deceased moves towards their final after-life journey. To know more, you may look over the web.