Changing the Landscape of Employee Engagement in Malaysia and Beyond

Work culture and ethnicity

Were you aware that companies allowing more significant employee engagement results in a 21% rise in profitability, a 20% productivity, and a 40% decline in staff turnover? As of 2012, our employee recognition platform has successfully empowered over 200,000 corporate employees in Malaysia and worldwide with mobile solutions that incorporate the most current best practices in employee engagement and corporate wellness. Our employee incentives and recognition platforms, which leverage our extensive digital rewards marketplace, drive staff appreciation and engagement, allowing our clients to reap the benefits of a highly engaged workforce. Use our digital solutions to meet your employee engagement goals in Malaysia or anywhere globally.

Our Key Selling Point

  1. Employee privileges

Team building has gotten better, too has gratitude and participation, a better employee actionable plan, sharper connectivity, a far more robust communications system, vast incentive storefront (many as 1,000 local/regional brands)

  1. Business pluses

Enhanced employee fidelity in Malaysia and elsewhere, institutional potency.

  1. Our proposal

Competitions that are truthful, reward and recognition schemes, peer-to-peer and company-wide, employee referral incentives, health challenges that can be customized, workshops and workout sessions, genuinely advanced analytics, continuous accessibility, and simple implementation/integration with existing applications.

employee recognition platform

Client case

Problem: Our user requested an engagement program that could provide employee programs to encourage employees to present qualified job candidate openings. They required diverse incentives delivered via a single platform to encourage referrals and enhance productivity by reducing the administrative cost of issuing physical coupons for supporters.

Proposition: A tailor-made application that notifies teachers to open vacancies while also enabling and tracking referrals. Each successful referral makes a profit point, which can be availed digitally for various rewards based on tier. This type of employee recognition program recognizes and rewards teachers who take the initiative to refer qualified individuals and then quickly obtain referral benefits through a unified system.

Business developments: Within three months of launch, there was a 30%   an active number of users, with employee adoption continuing to grow. There was a 92 percent increase in successful staff referrals within the first four months. Employee rewards and incentive processes that are digitized and streamlined save money and time.

So, you have everything you want to know about the employee recognition platform. To know more, you may look at the web and gather more info.