CQB Tactics: How to Dominate in a CQB Battle

A CQB battle is a close quarter’s combat engagement, with an enemy that is in close proximity. The battlefield of hong kong cqb battle is usually indoor, such as a house, or an urban environment. It’s standard for both teams to be armed with rifles and armor.

Pick A Fight When You Have The Advantage

It’s important for you to use your head when it comes to picking a CQB battle. Like with any other battle, you need to pick a fight when it is advantageous for you. Pick a fight in an environment that will be favorable for your team. For example, you have the advantage if the building that your team is operating from has good structure, and does not have large openings or windows that the enemy can shoot through. It’s also advantageous for you if your team has superior reserve of ammo and supply, or if you are able to secure an armored vehicle.

Study the Environment and Plan Your Route

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It’s important for you to understand the building or house that you will be entering into for hong kong indoor cqb. It is also important for you to understand the routes that your squad will use to enter and exit the house. A good plan should include the use of smoke grenades, flash grenades, and used of breach charges when needed. You should also try to avoid using ladders or doors, as these two items can be seen from a distance by an enemy sniper and are commonly shot at. You can create an entry point in walls or floors that are weak by shooting at them with a shotgun or rifle.

Secure Your Position

It is important for you to make sure that your team has 360 degrees of security, and to make sure that your position is fortified. A good fortification includes sandbags, barbed wire and other ammo boxes. An assault should follow a certain order when fortifying a position: first make sure there are no enemies outside the building, then set up booby traps and other defenses around the building’s perimeter, secure access points inside the building (break doors or windows), fortify positions with supplies or cover, allocate snipers at vulnerable points within the building’s walls (windows/doors), cover entrances/exits with heavy weapons. It is also important for you to secure all windows in the house. This is because enemies can shoot you from the roofs, floors and windows of a building.

Establish A Fight Zone

It’s important for you to make sure that there is an area where your team will be able to fight without getting shot by an enemy positioned outside (the “zone”). To make this area, try to eliminate all enemy positions outside the building. You do this by using flash grenades and breaching charges. After clearing out the area outside the house, try to secure all accessible areas inside the house such as stairwells/corridors, balconies, and other fire escape routes (they might contain ammo boxes).