DeWalt DWE6421K: The Most Maneuverable Orbital Sander in the 004Darket

With a powerful spin of over 12,000 OPM, the DWE6421k Orbital Sander from DeWalt is also a lightweight orbital sander. The power tool weighs approximately 4 pounds, making it lighter and easier to use. The orbital sander is also perfect for light sanding duties which include paint removal and basic DIY tasks. It’s considered as one of the best orbital sander in the market, particularly for its weight, features, and efficiency.

DWE6421k Orbital Sander from DeWalt

Compared to the Black and Decker BDERO100 lightweight sander, the DWE6421k orbital sander is relatively lightweight. Weighing approximately 4 pounds, this orbital sander from DeWalt guarantees an easy sanding experience as it can be maneuvered in any direction without putting extra pressure and effort.

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This tool is also perfect for sanding around tight areas and edges because of its speed. The DWE6421k offers a robust design making it one of the most durable orbit sanders in the market. The tool has a rubber over-mold feature on all of its critical areas including its dust sealed switch, keeping it protected from unwanted dust and dirt. Making it one of the best orbital sander in the market.

Because of its special features, the DWE6421k is expected to have a long lifespan. Its rubber over-mold features guarantee each user that the tool is well protected from dust and dirt from getting inside the machine as they use it. Following this, installing a sanding disk is also easy on the DWE6421k orbital sander, the tool comes with a Velcro attachment system making it easier for the individual to change or replace a sanding disk.

Compared to the Black and Decker BDERO100+ orbital sander, the DWE6421k has a larger dust collector unit attached to the tool which is very convenient and sufficient. The dust collector prevents dust and dirt from getting into the device; eliminating the risk of damaging the orbital sander’s internal components. The dust container can be removed easily, even with one hand due to its east-twist removal feature.

Purchasing the DWE6421k Orbital Sander comes with a nice kit which includes a manual, the dust collection unit, and a carry bag for the sander.

Pros and Cons of the DWE6421k Orbital Sander

The DWE6421k Orbital Sander from DeWalt comes with an exquisite design and robust structure. The orbital sander is lightweight and can be maneuvered easily without exerting too much effort and pressure. It’s considered by experts as the best random orbital sander in the market, due to its maneuverable features.

However, just like Black and Decker’s BDERO100 Orbital Sander, the DWE6421k DeWalt Orbital Sander does not have variable speed control. Moreover, it has a larger dust collector compared to the Black and Decker BDERO100, it’s still not considered as the major size for the regular orbital sander, and can only accumulate a good amount of dust and dirt.

The DeWalt DWE6421k comes with a carry bag, and a long manufacturer warranty of over 3 years, guaranteeing that every customer who purchases the DWE6421k Orbital Sander will have an outstanding customer service and assistance for their concerns regarding the tool for a very long period. This includes repair and even product replacement.

The tool’s manual also includes basic instructions on how to properly utilize the orbital sander, its maintenance, and proper storage process. Maintaining the DWE6421k orbital sander is very easy, due to its carry bag and rubber over-mold feature, which protects the orbital sander from dirt, dust and even corrosion.

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The DeWalt DWE6421k Orbital Sander guarantees easier and faster sanding tasks particularly when it comes to basic and DIY projects. The DWE6421k orbital sander is perfectly designed to make every light sanding duty efficient, easy, and fast. With an assurance of achieving a finer and smoother finished product.


The DeWalt DWE6421k Orbital Sander is the best orbital sander when it comes to basic sanding tasks. It can be perfectly used with removing paint and several basic DIY projects. With its 3-year manufacturer warranty and different features which includes the Velcro attachment system for its sanding disk change and removal and its dust collector, purchasing the DWE6421k will surely be a treat. For more information, you can check here.