Ensuring Safe Operation of Tower Crane When Loading

Risk is always present when working with tall structures. Moving building materials from the ground to the working floor is not as easy as you might think. The pulley system used must be strong and reliable to prevent possible accidents. Similarly, lowering disused building materials from the working floor to the ground risks being hit on the head. Despite having a helmet, the excessive weight could break it and cost him his life.

Help builders make their tasks easy and safe. It is where heavy equipment comes into play.

Such advantages are given to builders by one of the most common types of heavy equipment used to construct various structures, especially high-rise buildings – tower cranes. Because of the real danger when working on high structures, they use tower cranes to lift and lower building materials while still ensuring safety easily.

The main purpose of tower cranes is to lift and lower heavy building materials. Therefore, we are dealing with kilograms of heavy building materials and tons of heavy building materials. the efficiency and safety of using tower cranes to lift and lower heavy materials will depend on their stability when transporting tons of heavy loads. It is where the load moment indicator comes into play. It is important that all crane operators and civil engineers also know what it is for and how it is helpful for the operation of their tower cranes and the success of their construction projects.

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A load moment indicator determines if the rated load is stable enough to be carried by a tower crane. The load moment rating determines whether a tower crane can carry a certain load or not. A tower crane has trailing booms: the shorter boom carries a counterweight of heavy concrete blocks for balance, and the long boom carries the crane’s lifting equipment. Since the long boom is carrying a heavy load, the shorter boom must create an opposing force through its counterweight so that the crane does not lose balance when carrying heavy loads. Therefore, the indicator is used to maintain the stability of the crane. If you’re looking for a good load testing service in Singapore, then look no further than Pollisum.


The new generation of load moment indicators uses special sensors that inform the tower crane operator of the crane’s actual and correct working condition. It indicates the moment of force applied to the crane, the amplitude of the hook when the height of the load increases, the rated power of the crane, and the actual lifting capacity of the tower crane.