Funeral Packages In Singapore: Pick Your Choice!

Arranging a funeral for your loved one can be tiring. From funeral parlor to memorial, everything is daunting. Therefore, you need to look for a funeral service provider that offers an all-in-one package. Lessen your burden from getting a funeral service that offers only one service. Casket Fairprice takes pride in their funeral services in Singapore, check them out today. 

Check out the different funeral packages they offer and see which you need. These funeral services are offered per package, according to religion and beliefs.

What do they offer?

Each funeral package has the same services, but it depends on the detail of the client. There are extras that a customer would raise, which are provided by the team. Funeral services are arranged by Casket Fairprice, including

  • Funeral operations
  • Casket and embalming services
  • Coordination of memorial ceremony
  • Funeral procession

All these services are provided, which makes the entire funeral process goes smoothly. Understandably, the bereaved family will be in sorrow. Arrangements of the funeral can be complex. Thus, the team makes sure that you only have to prepare the payment – they will arrange it for you.

Is it affordable?

Yes, all the funeral packages are offered at affordable prices. Many people had a doubt about how the funeral service works since they offer very friendly price. But, Casket Fairprice understands the status of the bereaved family, and they offer a reasonable funeral package deal.

Casket Fairprice takes pride in their funeral services in Singapore, check them out today.

However, if you have enough money to pay for the funeral and wanted to make everything grand, there is a special funeral service for that. Special occasions are not just the events that deserved to call grand. A funeral can also be grand, according to the type of funeral package.

The memorial ceremony preparation

This funeral package deal includes a Void deck with canvas tentage, funeral decorations, photo enlargement, floral arrangement, and a condolence book. In terms of floral arrangement, you can suggest a kind of flower to use.

The team respects the customers, which means they would hear them. Once the customer suggests a kind of flower that they want to have for the floral arrangement, they respect that and provide the same detail. So, if you wish to have roses and not daisies, then you will have them.

Funeral procession

Yes, the funeral procession is included in the funeral package deal. A funeral car and a professional funeral driver are included in the package. You can be sure that the funeral procession will finish with no problem.