How to choose an ERP system?

Information systems and people using them can help guide the company in the best direction. Business management support systems, also known as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems) I can play a crucial role in the company’s economic success. Meeting both business needs and simple enough to use, that employees will be able to change and use it quickly? In the beginning, you need to assess the needs of your own company, determine what problems the system is to solve, analyze the wide range of software currently available on the market, determine which will be the best, and find experienced IT professionals who will help in its implementation. If you want to develop your company wisely using an IT system, please keep reading. We will help you understand what IT systems can provide , how to plan the assessment, and design the desired solution. To better illustrate the key issues, we’ll use a fictional story.

Tasks: goals, plan, budget

Choosing a comprehensive IT solution that meets the individual requirements of the company and operates in accordance with employee habits can be a difficult task. Therefore, they should be carefully planned. The experience of many companies shows that the process of planning and defining the goals to be met by a new solution for assisted enterprise management should have several necessary stages.

Action planning

On the market of distribution companies, you can find many ready-made examples of how to assess the current situation of the company and determine the goals that we intend to achieve. Each of these example scenarios contains several criteria for the success of the venture, which allow comparing the current economic condition of the company with the assumed goals. When planning the undertaking of choosing a solution that supports enterprise management, many details must be taken into account. Below is a general framework for the plan that will help you control the entire process.


Defining the area of ​​interest

Your first decision should be whether to deal with a selected key aspect of your business, such as distribution, or several areas. Although this can be done at later stages, making this decision at the very beginning

Determining the main people

Determine who will assist in choosing the solution and inform these people about their intentions. This group should include:

  • Main decision-makers of the company/organization
  • Technical specialists from the company

Other experienced friends from other companies that you can contact for advice? especially if they have already implemented similar solutions

A steering committee should be chosen from this group. He will be responsible for conducting activities and ensuring liaison with other group members when the need arises. Under ideal conditions, the steering committee should include interested persons from both technical and substantive departments of the company.