How true is Trunited? Find out in this review

A lot of people are intrigued about the new online shopping site Trunited because of its very generous offers to its consumers which includes money rewards just by shopping. The idea of Trunited is born out of the concept that online shopping has to offer something more to its loyal customers aside from convenience regardless of what things they purchase from them.

It created a stir that there are some people who believe that it is just a scam or a promotional gimmick that will only disappoint those who will believe, however, it is proven true by those who have tried it already because buying through Trunited allows the customer to potentially recover some of the money that is spent in shopping. Sound’s very unreal right? This is something no malls and shopping centers can offer to its consumers except for raffle prizes that randomly selects winners where a single customer only has a one-percent chance of winning.

In this article, let us try to make some realistic Trunited review that everyone deserves so that each one of you can decide to whether or not consider this a viable opportunity that is worth to participate in.

·         Socialized commerce- Trunited proclaimed itself as the first true ‘socialized commerce’ platform where members are able to shop online from hundreds of brands from a different online store, and they are instantly become eligible for the rewards according to the items that they have purchased. Trunited includes a wide array of regular stores that has all the price ranges available. These include Home Depot, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples, Camping World, True Value, Target, PetSmart, Bloomingdales, Saks, Fifth Avenue, and a lot more.

·         Specialty shops- Aside from regular stores, Trunited also boasts hundreds of specialty retailers that its customers can shop which includes electronic and computer brands, clothing, cosmetic, health and wellness, and a lot more that gives the customer the great convenience he or she deserves.

·         Shop service providers- Service providers are essential to us, and Trunited partnered with Sprint, Straight Talk, Lending Tree, VistaPrint, and which are usually the very common service providers that a lot of people depend on.

·         Niche and specialty products accessibility- If you are a member of Trunited, you will have access to different niches and specialty products that you might find interesting. You can find services and locally-produced goods from around the United States. You can choose from organically-made products, couture, gourmet, and a lot more.

·         Gifts card mall- In exchange for rewards, you can also purchase more than goods and services, you can also purchase gift cards that you can give to someone special. There are around four hundred companies that you can choose from in buying gift cards which includes providers, restaurants, department stores, hotels, specialty stores, as well as entertainment activities and venues.

·         Non-profit company- Compared to other online shops, Trunited is a shop-and-get-paid platform that is both rewarding and unique. It is some sort of a consumer community co-op where each member has to pay an annual fee where the proceeds of it will go towards the community pot that is used to equally share to the members as their reward for shopping and registering with them.