Identify the fake consultancy with these tips

Are you an aspiring person who has the will to settle abroad to make more money in a respectable position? Good for you if the answer is yes. Because we shall know a few tips to identify genuine consultant services from fake ones. Do not worry about the kind of services you are looking for, be it immigration Australia citizenship or any temporary stay.

  • The verification
  • Referrals
  • Google search
  • Agents are unsafe
  • Security deposit

The verification: Every real entity that is allowed to render services to common people will have a formal permission document be it in the form of a certificate or license number. An entity without registration with an immigration regulatory body is of fraud origin and one must not invest hard-earned money and precious time in them.

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Referrals: It is always best to seek recommendations from friends and family who have successfully migrated to another country. This is a useful technique because well-wishers are honest and share details of only trusted consultants. The other aspect is that you are aware of the fact that the service provider had helped a beloved one to fly abroad

Google search: One of the easiest ways to find out if a firm is not fraudulent is to perform a quick google search with the keyword ‘review’ or ‘fraud’ followed by the company name. Most clients that share their opinions on the company website may be paid persons, so it is good to find reviews on other online platforms to conclude.

Agents are unsafe: It is a known fact that agents do everything on our behalf and make our life easier by eliminating travelling to required offices and completing documentation. But, remember that a few fake certificates carrying personnels impregnate themselves as agents just to lure innocent people for money. Prefer a consultancy firm that has a definite address and official set-up.

Security deposit: The entities that claim to offer you a 100% job guarantee along with immigration services are a big no. This kind of organization takes a security deposit for the proposal and vanishes into thin air.

Be smart, do your homework to obtain immigration australia citizenship or any kind of abroad opportunities from a firm. One single wrong step can eat your time, energy, money and enthusiasm. Also, collect details about various genuine entities and pick the right fit as per your requirements.