When it comes to sending medical supplies and medications, the medical courier industry has created special, secure ways of transporting these items from one place to another. There are different types of courier services available, and depending on your medical supplies needs and budget, you may need to use more than one type. This article describes some of the most common services, their costs and benefits, and how you can make sure your package arrives safely at its destination.

Worldwide Couriers

International courier companies are used for items that are too expensive or breakable to ship by post, or that need to be shipped quickly and with security. If you have an urgent package coming from abroad, consider a courier service. You can send parcels weighing up to 70 pounds, and tracking is available at no extra cost. While these companies primarily operate in major cities, most offer door-to-door pickup service as well.

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Next Day Delivery

If you need a parcel, document or other piece of mail delivered by courier on a specified day, say before noon then next-day delivery could be an option. Most couriers offer some type of next-day delivery service. Some will even guarantee next-day delivery if you place your order before 12pm (depending on when it needs to arrive). But there is usually a premium fee attached to next-day deliveries. So, what’s more important: speed or cost? It’s up to you.

Same Day Delivery

When you need items delivered quickly, same-day delivery such as the medical courier can be a great option. If you live in a metropolitan area, many courier services offer same-day delivery to customers. If your business is in an urban environment, choosing a courier service that delivers on demand might make sense. Of course, if you’re located in an outlying rural area or outside a major metro area, it may not be realistic to choose such quick and convenient options.

International Courier Services

For those who need to send something fast from country to country, you’ll want to go with a courier service that provides international shipping. In addition to making sure that your parcel arrives at its destination quickly, these services also ensure that your package will be handled with care, as packages are often valuable or fragile. International courier services will ship using a variety of delivery options. These services provide tracking information so you can see where your package is along its route.