The importance of tax management in 2020

Any business that values ​​its compliance and wishes to have security in the discharge of its taxes must perform tax management. Only in this way will you be able to minimize the risk of having problems with the tax authorities.This kind of problem is nothing unusual, unfortunately. A survey published revealed that 86% of companies have some irregularity before the regulatory bodies. The disagreements are mostly related to delays in paying taxes and failure to comply with requirements.

The most alarming numbers are in trade, in which 96% of businesses are irregular. As for the industry, 92% of the enterprises have tax problems.The study itself warns that one of the major drivers of this critical scenario is the tax complexity in the country.But what are the advantages that the manager can bring to his business when implementing an adequate tax management? That’s what we’re going to talk about now!

The benefits of this type of management

A well-organized and efficient tax management can bring several advantages that are reflected in the company’s financial health, in addition to compliance with legislation. Companies that do not structure these processes efficiently may face many difficulties before regulators, such as fines, sanctions and blockages.

Cost reduction

In addition to being part of a more advantageous regime for the business, tax management also obtains legal means to reduce taxes to be paid. The planning provides benefits for your business, such as immunities, tax credit and reduction of rates and exemptions.

Greater quality and agility in generating tax information

One of the big problems of companies with the tax authorities is in divergences of infractions. Tax management, in turn, helps the company to structure its data transmission processes to the inspection agencies. This will help your companies not suffer sanctions and fines.

The assistance of an accountant

The accountant is the specialized professional who will know how to put order in the house and ensure that your company’s tax management is efficient. When you hire him, it will be much easier:

  • Generate financial statements to obtain credit;
  • Make use of the Tax return calculator for tax assessment;
  • Ensure better financial control;
  • Keep the focus on the business;
  • Create a balance sheet;
  • Carry out your tax planning properly;
  • Protects your company in court;
  • Having a partner who values ​​the financial health of the business.

To have an accountant, you can hire one to work only in your company or outsource the service through an accounting office, which will take care of your and other partner companies. The choice will depend on the investment you are willing to invest.Either way, hiring an accountant for your tax management is much more worthwhile than having to face tax problems.