Tips to Choose the Best Shape of Customized Bottle Water

There is no standardized way to define or describe every shape of customized bottle water there is on the market today. The shapes or forms range from the traditional cylindrical pack to any viable variation of it. The only standard that is applicable to shapes of customized bottle water is size.

customized bottle water

There is a weight threshold and the general range of height and base along with the widest circumference to simplify packaging, shipping, handling and stocking. These standards of course vary as you go up or down the sizes of bottles. It is imperative for any company to adhere to these standards of customized bottle water.


  • You cannot have a bottle that is unusually heavier than others. This will have far-reaching financial and logistical consequences, most of which would be adverse. You cannot choose an unusually large, tall or flattened bottle as that would have logistical issues, perhaps financial too. Hence, you must have a yardstick so your customized bottle water can easily fit into the standard scheme of things. No company or individual should find the shape, size or form of your bottle to be unmanageable, including the consumer.


  • Prioritize ease of use. This is the second most important advice to help you choose the best shape of customized water bottle. There are plenty of designs around that are not ideally user friendly. Bottles can slip so some companies have the curved molded patterns on the body to enhance the grip. Some bottles are easier to grab while some are difficult to carry. Since there has been an overuse of standard designs, many people do not think beyond the obvious and often comply with the prevailing practices. There are ways to enhance the ease of use, not just for the logistics and shipping teams or the staff at retail stores but also for consumers.

water bottles with custom labels

•           Have that one element in the shape of your customized bottle water that would distinguish it from the rest. It may be the cap. It could be the base. Many bottles are taller than they should be and hence easily fall down unless they are docked at cup holders, armrests or side pockets in cars. Some bottles crack if they are dropped when loaded but unsealed. You may choose one or more attributes that would single out your customized bottle water. Such aspects cost a bit more money but they are worthwhile if you factor in the long term impact on branding.