Top 5 Best Murder Mystery Game, Online

We all love playing video games. Be it on a gaming device or a smartphone or a laptop or PC, we have grown up playing different kinds of games. One of the genres of games that have mesmerized us and kept us on the edge of our seats are murder mystery games. No matter which device you use to play games, you must have played some of the murder mystery games. This list will help you find the best murder mystery game online for you to indulge in.

Murder Mystery Game

Top 5 Online Murder Mystery Games

Here goes the list of the best online murder mystery games:

  • Murder In The Queen’s Court – An ancient, period murder mystery, this game is a fun ride. The game includes the solving of the murder mystery of a palace apprentice, incorporates royal scandals, alchemy, and various other themes. If you have not tried out this game yet, go ahead and try right now.
  • Murder In Ancient Egypt – Murder in Ancient Egypt is an online murder mystery game based on a real-life incident of an early Egyptian. The objective of the participants is to collect the clues, interpret them and solve the mystery of the murder. It is a thrilling game that you should give a try.
  • Murders On Budapest! – A popular android application, Murders On Budapest is a fun-filled murder mystery game. It centers around the murder of a mountaineer following which, the participants solve different mini-puzzles to connect the dots and solve the mystery. It also incorporates certain humor elements, making it all the more fun.
  • Murder Mystery: Detective Investigation Story – A realistic murder mystery game, this one lets you indulge in the experience of being a true detective. A riveting, fun-filled thriller consisting of murder mysteries to solve, this one is a must-try.
  • Detective: Detroit Crime Story – The principal character of the story is Damon Pierce, who is a homicide detective. This game has everything; crime, passion, homicide. It is a dark, thrilling game that lets you work your mental muscles to their fullest. It is one of the most popular murder mystery games online for you to try out.
  • Murder Mystery 2: A Criminal Case – Based on the city of Los Angeles, it is a realistic murder mystery game that poses many hurdles in the form of puzzles and cases.

You can choose the best murder mystery game, online according to your preference from the games mentioned above.