Users Of Virtual Data Rooms: Who They Are And What They Are

Each data room user is unique in his or her own way. There are no two data room users that are the same. Different users on the same software can have varying behavior. One of the reasons is the individual working techniques of users. Their distinct preferences and remarkable personalities have a direct impact on their behavior.

Data Room Native

This type of user is well-versed in anything related to the virtual data room. He or she knows the virtual data room better than the back of his or her hand. This user moves through the document index in a breeze. His or her confident and targeted manner is a clear sign that this user is in his or her element. Most colleagues refer to them as nerds.

Old-School User

There are people who dread at the thought of new software and data rooms. The Old-School User is one of those people. He or she hesitates to log in. He or she does not want to deal with systems that they find are overly-demanding. This user can turn to be an adept data room native when given enough encouragement and support.

Mobile 24/7 User

A Mobile 24/7 User is at work even when others are already sound asleep. This user battles his or her way through the virtual data room anytime and anywhere. The urge to take a quick look at the latest documents is so strong to resist. He or she will peek in before going to sleep and as soon as waking up. A Mobile 24/7 gets frustrated when there is no internet connection or if the connection is unstable.

Chaotic User

This user lives by a precept inspired by Einstein. “Only the stupid need organization, the genius controls the chaos.” The virtual data room usually appears unstructured to most users. The chaotic user makes sense of all these. He or she thinks that everyone has the same logic and can follow the structure with ease. This user only realizes that is not the case when he or she notices a build-up of questions in the Q&A section.

Users Of Virtual Data Rooms


This type of user is like the real world bookmarker. He or she loves bookmarks in all shapes and colors. This user puts a sticky note or two in every document. It is true even in the virtual data room. All pages will have a bookmark, thanks to the bookmarker.

Last-minute user

As in real life, there is always someone who tends to do things in a rush. This user often faces a tight deadline. He or she feels rather stressed because of this. This user is a believer of the maxim that you can complete 80% of work in 20% of the time. The last-minute user is infamous for appearing out of thin air when the virtual data room is about to close.


This user dislikes sharing. He or she is always reluctant to let others have access to documents in his or her possession. The scrooge lives by the rule that it is better to have one document too few than one too many. Questions are often pre-programmed.

Generous user

He or she has no issue with making documents available to others. The generous user is the opposite of the scrooge. This user puts every document in the virtual data room. Those needed and even those that are not. This can sometimes be frustrating to others. They find themselves in despair as they plow through the heap of files.

Do-It-Yourself User

This user accepts all kinds of challenges related to the virtual data room. He or she works his or her way through every data room. This user often does not make use of queries and support hotlines. He or she prefers to dive among the files alone.

Which of the above Virtual Dataroom users are you? No matter what type of user you are, choose a virtual data room provider that you are comfortable with.