What Aquarium Fish Are Ideal for Eating Snails

Snails are not the best guests for your aquarium. When they invade these graceful homesteads, they end up triggering lots of problems. Cleaning them out manually has proven to be tedious and complicated. The cheapest and easiest way to control aquarium snails is by introducing the kind of fish that eats snails. Here are at aquaticsworld, we have outlined some of the well-known fish whichcan help you with your snail problem.

The Green Spotted Puffer

The Green spotted puffer will munch all the snails in your aquarium in no time. They are some of the best types of fish ideal for those who prefer rearing one breed. The problem with this fish is that they don’t associate well with other fish breeds and often require strict care. They need to be kept in brackish water when they have grown beyond the juvenile state. Green spotted puffers are certainly not the perfect choice of fish for you if you want to raise a community of different fish breeds.


The Gourami Fish

The Gourami is one great breed of fish that is ideal for people desiring to keep snails out of their tank without having to do it manually. It’s yet to be clarified whether the Gourami fish eats snails or not. Some aquarium owners agree to it while others dispute it.

The YoYo Loach and Clown

These two breeds of fish have a big appetite for snails. They are the perfect breed to go for if your fish tank is more than 55 gallons. They munch snails quite well and will ensure that at no moment will the snail population in your fish tank grow to an uncontrollable extent.

The Goldfish

Goldfish are one of the best fishes with a major appetite for snails. Their appetite depends on their age and size though. Bigger fish can eat all the snails in the entire tank. You need one big goldfish, and you may never have to worry about snails again. They can move from one tank to the other to eat up all the snails. The only problem with goldfish is that they are not ideal for tropical aquariums. They mostly need to live in their tanks. You will have to take them out once in a while to eat up the snails. You should not opt for goldfish if you’re starting out as this may end up raising multiple challenges in the long run.

The Betta Fish

The Betta fish is a small fish and can only eat small sized snails. They are not good for keeping a community setting as they will come with a variety of challenges. Do your research about the challenges associated with raising this type of fish before you go ahead and buy it if you don’t want to end up in regrets.


The Assassin Snail and Scavengers

The Assassin snail is one of the best invertebrates you can count on to eat up the snails in your fish tank. They often eat up other snails, algae, and leftover food. This means that having them will aid the control of the snail population completely. Scavengers like the Cory catfish are another great type of organisms to introduce in your fish tank to keep the snail population as low as possible. Cories don’t eat the snails but instead, eat the eggs. They are, however, not quite reliable since they cannot eat the eggs hidden in hard-to-reach places like crevices.

Getting rid of snails from fish tanks has been a real hassle for many people over the years. While taking out the snails manually works, it’s quite challenging and tiresome. In this era of technical advancements, nobody would enjoy getting rid of snails manually. With better ways like the use of filtration systems, removing snails from fish tanks manually is quite antique. The perfect way to remove fish from the aquarium is to introduce fellow invertebrates or fish. The right choice of fish and invertebrate will hunt down and eat all the snails to keep their population as low as possible. For more information, you can always click here.