What is the Average Salary of Dental Hygienists?

Searching for careers in the medical field, which are both well-paid and don’t require you to undergo tough med school training? Try becoming a dental hygienist, which is a fast-growing career. New figures from Labor Statistics reveal that dental hygienists make around $75000 on average. The field is poised to grow at an massive rate of 20% during the next few years, thus making it a highly lucrative field.

The demand for dental hygienists is on the rise with many practices willing to pay top dollar for these professionals. You can maximize your income by working in states that offer great compensation packages for dental hygienists. Here’s a quick breakdown of the average income levels of dental hygienists in American states, sorted in ascending order,

States That Pay Dental Hygienists Well

All states offer different pay packages to their dental hygienists. However, it’s quite interesting to see the results obtained from a recent study. States in the West Coast lead the pack with Alaska, California & Washington DC on top, in that order. Additionally, New Mexico comes in at fourth position – a state whose average household income levels hover at around $46,800. Oregon has advanced significantly to take the ninth position. Average salary growth during the year 2016-17 has been observed to be at around 5.2%, which looks very promising.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the average annual paid by the top ten states that pay more to dental hygienists compared to other states in the US.

Rank State Average Annual Wage

1 Alaska $107,190

2 California $97,420

3 Washington DC $91,070

4 New Mexico $89.890

5 Maryland $89,740

6 New Jersey $85,500

7 Arizona $85,450

8 Nevada $84110

9 Oregon $82,850

10 Massachusetts $82,290

States That Don’t Pay Dental Hygienists Well

States in the US that offer the lowest compensation for dental hygienists are dependent on the median household income levels. Many studies have revealed that average annual income levels of dental hygienists in the state of Alabama are less compared to the state’s average household income levels, which hovers at around $46472. Alabama pays the least compensation in the entire US to dental hygienists.

Rank State Average Annual Wage

1 Alabama $47,290

2 West Virginia $54,920

3 Louisiana $57,450

4 Mississippi $57.620

5 Kentucky $59,500

6 Michigan $62,410

7 Maine $62,560

8 South Dakota $62,560

9 Florida $63,040

10 South Carolina $63,040

After a comprehensive analysis of the average annual salaries offered to dental hygienists in all states, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Oregon have clocked in the biggest salary growth rates at 8.8%, 7.2%, and 5% respectively, according to DentalJobsSite.